Saturday, April 5, 2014

long week

 David had a very long and hard week
after our last trip to Mayo he started weaning off his pain medicines
last Sunday morning he went off all of his prescription pain medicines completely

within a short time he was having lots of pain and very tough side effects
we had no idea how much pain he actually had until he cut out the medicines that helped him
at first we thought he had the flu until we figured it out that it was from going off the medicines
Dave got very little sleep all week but he took mini naps to get by

Dave's sense of taste is slowly coming back but his appetite decreased again last week
he lost more weight too
a lot of his clothes don't fit anymore or are really baggy

his hair is growing back and its nice to see his crown of gray again

it was hard to see the sadness resurface and see him in such pain but it was good for him to get out of the house running a few errands here and there
it's good for the kiddos to see too
they really miss their Dad and hope he will be back to full Daddy duty soon
I can't wrestle as good as Dave does

Dave said this past week was one of the toughest he has had through the whole journey
real life sometimes mean real pain
real faith also means real pain
real connection with God can come from such pain
Dave certainly has seen this first hand

Monday Dave is going back to work
obviously he could not work until he was off his pain medicines
he hopes and prays for a new beginning
 he plans to do office work the first week  and then get back into his normal work a week later
please pray that this big change and his return to work goes well

here is a photo of my Captain America fans before they went out to a matinee to see the new "Winter Soldier" movie which they all said was "awesome"