Monday, April 14, 2014

Back to work

Dave went back to work last week and he spent the entire week moving into his new office at the new police department and catching up on all his paperwork. He just wanted to get back to something normal in his life and it helped him to get back to the police department. Dave said that everyone was really nice and happy to see him which made him feel really good. Overall he said it went very well but he was definitely tired each night when he got home.

Today he goes back to his regular schedule and he will be back in uniform. His uniform fits a little different from all the weight he lost and he had to adjust his gun belt by two notches too because it fell right off him when he put it on last week. 

His mouth still hurts. It comes and goes, some days are better than others. Sometimes his mouth hurts alot even bringing him to tears but other times it doesn't hurt too bad at all. We just keep praying that the pain will go away soon and he will not have to deal with it everyday. It hurts to watch him have that much pain but it is alot better than it was even two weeks ago.

I know it is good for Dave to be back to work but I miss having him here and the boys really enjoyed having him teach them math and history too. Odin said that he really liked having Dad teach him math problems everyday as Dave laid on the couch recovering.  I know it was not fun for him but it was nice for us to have him around and now we really miss him.

We have had a share of sinus colds/coughs going on around here this last week.  Gabe was up a lot every night and he is just starting to feel better.  The kiddos were so excited to be able to play in the sunshine.  They were outside for hours playing games and coming up with creative wood, nails and duct tape weapons.  We had a great time with friends this weekend.  Love fellowship and hearing the childrens laughter and loudness coming from every room of the house.  Thank you for the continued prayers cards and support.

Love Wins