Tuesday, April 1, 2014


where are these weeks going
everything is just rolling together this past month of Dave's  recovery
I really haven't had a chance to write 
 forgetting to pick up my camera but
I have been reading a lot here and there
more than I ever do
and spending a lot of time with my family
getting kind of sad that it will be Dave' last week home with us during the day
the kiddos are going to miss him.
it has been awesome!
time is just flying by 
we have had a lot of puking going on again
Jeremiah and Olivia had projectile vomiting again
I feel like you can never get that smell out of anything
praying Dave doesn't get it.
I cannot wait for spring
just to have the windows open and the kiddos running around outside
they are anxiously waiting to ride their bikes
 camping season starts at the state parks
I am so excited to see Gabe camping this year 
the messes and excitement of all things new
long walks and hikes with the kiddos

Long drives tend to make me space out and
go through my thoughts and sing songs of praises to our awesome King. 
like the one we just took to MN a few weeks ago
lots of time reflecting and talking about our hopes and dreams
Dave and I can barely talk 5 minutes at home without somebody needing something
so it's nice to have some uninterrupted time to catch up on things

it was hard being at the Mayo Clinic
always is
it seems to open your eyes on a different level to the hurting around you
my heart about skips a beat trying to figure out what I can do for others
looking around there breaks my heart
tears come to the surface so easily
not sure why but they do
there is so much hustle and bustle walking around there
meeting people in passing
or talking to them on the elevator
on in the waiting room
i love to slow down and take the time to see and hear what is going on around you
taking everything in that God has put in front of you
it' amazing what he opens our eyes too if you let him 
I love to strike up conversations with others
and hear about their life or journey they are on
life is full of stories
I love to uncover what God wants me to do with my feelings, what makes me cry and what he puts on my heart
I always have all these dreams 
someday I hope to fulfill

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, calls, emails, cards and gifts....
I am not a huge birthday person myself 
my awesome husband made the cake himself
he rocked it!
I do not like attention on me by any means.
The kids wondered what age you have to stop decorating at?
they were bothered that I didn't want decorations
I love the simple joy they get from things