Thursday, March 20, 2014

Week 4 Update
Dave had hoped to cut down on his prescription pain medicine earlier this week
He cannot go back to work while he is on these medications so he was trying to speed things up to get back to work
He cut out the medications completely earlier this week but it did not go well at all
He was up at night in a lot of pain
His mouth is still full of open sores that look like canker sores and some are on his tongue that have caused it to swell up and it really hurts too
Now we know he was not ready to go off the full medications yet
The doctors had him go back on his pain medicines to give it more time to heal
This is very frustrating to Dave because he wanted to try to go back to work but he is going to need more time to heal
I had to remind him that most people need 8 weeks to recover from head and neck radiation and he was trying to do it in 4 weeks
We drove up to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota yesterday for another long day
Good news is both doctors who examined Dave said he is doing great
His neck is healed but they still have him doing his exercises and on the inside of his throat there are no signs of any problems or infections...praise God!
Starting next week they want him to try to cut down on the pain medicine and slowly cut it down  over the next couple weeks until he is all done
It was hard to watch them use the scope on Dave
they numb up his nose and then put this device inside that goes up his nostril and down his throat that the Doctors look through
every Dr. that looks at him has to scope him
It looked very painful and Dave said it is painful but he is used to it now
It has a camera on it so they were able to show us all the spots where the tumors were located and praise God it all looks good and healthy
We drive back home today and are scheduled to return here in June for more tests
Thank you to everyone for their continued support and prayers
Thanks too for my Mom and Dad watching the kids while we traveled here
Thanks to God for his amazing love and healing powers