Thursday, March 13, 2014

Week 3 Update
Dave is now in week 3 of his recovery and doing well
mostly good news this week
his neck looks great and healed nice
his stretching exercises are helping too and his range of motion for his neck is really good
his weight is stable now and he hasn't lost any weight for a week 
Dave can eat some solid foods and his taste is coming back
his hair is growing back nicely too

Dave's throat still hurts and it still has some tender raw spots inside his mouth
his tongue is still swollen so that makes it harder to talk (hurts) and swallow too
he still needs pain medicine but yesterday he started to reduce the amount and little by little he plans to reduce it even more
we go to the Mayo Clinic next week for a long day of medical appointments and follow up with his team of doctors
I will post updates after that trip with more information

Thank you for continued prayers and support
Love wins!