Monday, March 24, 2014

All these weeks we have been walking in and out of St. Vincents
through the valet parking/emergency entrance
pass the patients with anger and pain on their face
or tears surfacing 
the kids like to cause a problem going through those automatic revolving doors
I think the valet parking attendants are glad were not there
past the sweet greeters that so kindly try to beat you to the automatic door button
love that
such sweet volunteers
pass the people in the larger waiting room
where you can gladly add a piece to the big puzzle 
which I always wonder if it ever gets done
I  wonder why the patients are there
sometimes I wish we all had a label on our head when we were in the Dr.s office
not really
 but it would be sometimes easier to start conversations that way
my kiddos always grabbed a candy or 2 from the jar by the nurses station
they are  the candies that are dum dums without the stick
of course they take all the purple and red ones
or help themselves to a cup of hot cocoa
Jonah brings his own marshmallows 
gotta love that guy 

our forever friend Tom
who is battling colon cancer
who the kiddos now write too
they love pen pals

we excitedly wait to see Tom, maybe Glen or meet a new person that is before Dave
we love talking to these people and getting to know them
I feel like they just become part of your life and your journey
hoping to bring a little love and joy to their hearts
I always wonder what it's like to be a nurse/Dr. in that department
I would love to just hang out in the waiting room spreading love, and joy to others and praying for them
what a great job that would be
we were trying to figure out what random act of kindness to do for the patients
since we have only baked for January's random acts of kindness
it was a little tricky but we managed

we first tried to drill into the boxes and thread the letters but that was a mess

then the kiddos wrote their own little notes

then we added a prayer and a cross

then we added one of these

Choose Joy Fundraiser

wrapped them up, prayed over them and gave them to one of the nurses to 
randomly bless others with
it was so much fun
 love wins