Friday, March 28, 2014

Week 5 Update

Dave is doing well.
His throat feels much better and the sores inside his mouth are starting to heal
the swelling on his tongue has gone down too
he's starting to eat more solid foods and getting back to a normal diet and he can even taste more food now too
overall his weight has been stable and he has even gained a few pounds back
he does have some swelling in his neck under his jaw which the doctors told us would happen and they have a funny name for it. 
this is common after surgery to remove lymph nodes and he keeps massaging it which helps reduce the swelling and also some of the pain
the nerves in his jaw are starting to respond better too
he still has a little droop on his right side but it is much better
Dave's hair is growing back too
we cut it short when he started it and now the hair is growing back at a pretty good rate
his facial hair is growing back too but not the same
i don't think he will be able to grow a beard again or at least not for a long time
the hair only comes back in blotches on his face which is sort of odd so he is just keeping it clean shaven for now
We have cut back on his pain medicine and he hopes to cut it all back in the next week
our hope is for Dave to be cleared to go back to work early next month at least on a temporary basis so he can start feeling "normal" again

we have had a crazy week otherwise at home
we have some stomach bug going around
Gabe was puking for about 5 hours the other night
Dave and I were constantly doing laundry throughout the night
I can't say we have ever done that before.
We went through so many sheets, pillows, blankets and pads 
he kept rubbing his head in it
we had to keep washing his head off under the sink all night
crazy is all I can say

 The next day he was fine but Jeremiah got it
so he missed school that day 
he seemed to be puking more than Gabe 
but today he seemed great
back to his normal self again 
 Jonah and I have tummy aches but I am hoping it stays away from everyone else

I was talking to the older 2 boys(actually working through one of our boy books we have) about hair and puberty and stuff
 and we hit the subject of breasts 
and they asked what the purpose of nipples were on boys
and I laughed so hard
Odin says"  boys have nipples for muscles and girls have nipples for milk then"
seriously this parenting thing is funny
How do you keep a straight face?

I love how this girl doesn't care what she looks like!
We use to wear wigs all the time in high school
heck we would go into town with wigs on
 and dress all crazy just for fun because we loved it
I will try to find some pictures
Olivia you are a free spirit just like your mama
and I love you dearly for it.

Have a great weekend
thank you for all your continued love and support
we love you dearly!!!