Monday, February 17, 2014


God schedules every season in our life but he doesn't post the schedule for us to see
I know, I thought I signed up to see my schedule first
that is what makes living so difficult
we all want a plan and to know what's happening next 

Daniel 2:21 says
he changes times and seasons
our destiny was created in eternity
but our life is experienced in seasons
everything that God ever wanted to do through your life 
was decided before our life ever began
truly amazing if you think about that


but you don't experience everything that god intends for your life all at once 
you experience it in phases and seasons
I don't know about you but 
I always want to skip to the next season
I struggle with this
whatever it is, it's usually not the most comfortable

every season has struggles you can't see from the outside looking in
God wants to set us free from trying to live in somebody  else's season
there is a part of us that looks at other people and the season they are in
whatever it may be
the success they enjoy
 or where they arrived 
and your thinking...... if only I could ever just get there
every season has a struggle that you can't see or know  

this is what sets us free from others 
we  look at other peoples seasons and 
we only see how high the tree goes, not how deep the roots are planted
you only see the fruit they have, not the fight they went through to have it
each season is your own season
there are some seasons where your waiting on God to change the season
you can't change the season or control your calender
everything is beautiful in it's time

what really separates people who walk by faith and people who sense God's purpose
 from those who go through life aimlessly 
is what they choose to call the season their in
what you say about your season will shape the way you experience your season
everything is beautiful in it's time
it's beautiful to be busy and overwhelmed(at least I think) because then I can tap into God's strength
taking the burden and change it into something beautiful
don't wait for the season to seem beautiful

We will choose to call this season beautiful
we say it's beautiful because we recognize God in the season
when you get discontent in your season and start wandering away from God's will 
 and God's calling for you 
 you wandered to far
stay close to HIM
when it's your time  you don't want to miss your turn 
when your  season comes you want to be ready for it
don't miss your turn
every season has strengths you can cease
there is always a sweetness in the most bitter seasons
there is a strength in every  season if you can cease it  
we might not have what we use to have 
or feel like we use to feel
but if you'll  plant your  roots down deep  in 
you'll see that he makes 
all  things beautiful in it's time 
all things
every night
every season
every circumstance 
there is a strength in it 
if you cease it
God may reveal a weakness that we have 
which forces us to dig deeper with him
 we have to have the patience to trust God's timing
don't look ahead or behind
patience in this season
(that's a hard one for me on some things)
God is always with us
I trust his timing
waiting on God to change the calender 
when God is waiting on you to make a choice 
waiting on God to give you something when it's already yours  
rejoice in the season 
the season to be glad
the season to reach out and touch him

Last week left....4 days to go