Friday, February 21, 2014

today is his last radiation treatment

Praise God!

They told us Dave will feel lousy for a few more days as the last few treatments will still have effect on him but then he will start healing and getting better

we've been waiting for what seems like so long to start truly healing
 so tears of joy all around our house this weekend

We are ready to get back on our regular schedule

Dave's sister Mary Lynn is visiting us from San Francisco to help out 
It is nice to have here to help
just staying above water this week
we just have to laugh sometimes in this house
I have been feeling like I am just treading these last 2 weeks
we have Dr. appointments for some of the other kiddos and have been busy just doing life
by 7:30 we are done here 

Dave's neck is really tender and raw
the doctors are afraid the area on his neck that blistered up so badly is now going to crack open and bleed so they have wrapped him in medicated bandages. 
We change them twice a day and before bed. 
He totally looks like he is wearing a white turtle neck
A v- neck sweater and now a turtleneck
those are not in his wardrobe but we are having a good time with it
the side effects still get worse everyday
his throat burns and his body aches too
 but we are all DONE!
Hoping to catch up on my writing soon
thank you for your continued prayers, love and blessings
God is so faithful.....