Thursday, February 13, 2014

photo dump and nearing the end of week 5

When we started this journey the doctors told us that the last two weeks were going to be the hardest. They were not kidding.
Dave has been struggling this week and is counting down the days to get through week 6.
Basically everything he has been experiencing just went up in intensity.
 They doubled all of his pain medications(2 patches with Oxy) and he is on a liquid only diet.
Ya gotta love Ensure
The symptoms have not changed they have just gotten really bad.
Only 6 days of treatment left 
then every day after
he will be healing and recovering.

keep the prayers coming!

this guy loves peeking around the corner and scaring people

he decided to dump a whole bag of chocolate chips out and start eating as fast as he could

Odin baked some homemade/Carmel stuffed brownies for the nurses and Dr.'s

this guy seems to always have his clothes off thanks to his siblings

(Dave wearing a v-neck sweater will always be an inside joke in our house)

thank you all for the delicious meals this week
they were awesome
thank you also for your continued prayers on this journey
Love wins