Monday, February 3, 2014

when I started this blog 5 years ago
it was for our adoption journey that we had begun
after losing almost $20,000 we fund raised with one baby, losing another baby,
getting a reverse vasectomy
 and now stage 4 cancer
God is definitely not committed to our comfort 
I find it interesting that all through life, the greatest strength is forged in broken places. 
 God is committed to creating His character within us. One way He accomplishes that goal is through the abrasive and coarse work of sandpaper people(as I will call them) and things/life as they grind off and sand away our rough edges, even to the point of breaking. Suffering comes in many ways, but always with the purpose of making us strong enough to endure pain and weak enough to rely upon God. 
Many times, it is through difficult relationships or bumps in the road that we experience the most pain
it's amazing to me what we are able to journey through which makes our story
over the past few months
I have been doing a lot of reflecting and looking back on my life
 before Dave(he truly was my knight in shining armor)
and it's amazing to me what God brings you through and teaches you along the way
going through a physical abusive relationship for 6 years 
 an eating disorder survivor
(it wasn't about looks for me, it was a game of food and fun)
 then God steps in and whispers to your heart
you are loved, irreplaceable and fearfully and wonderfully made.
 Difficult relationships, things you go through in life or any kind of  brokenness,can  make us either bitter or better

 It is our choice. 

We can insist on comfort and forfeit character or we can embrace the brokenness, knowing that God will use it for our good.  Whether brokenness grinds us down or polish us up depends on what we are made of.

Hope follows pain because pain forces us to trust God and rely upon His power to mend a broken life. It is in that abandonment to God that we find hope.  

Suffering provides an opportunity for us to get to know God in a more deeper, personal way

I also believe God allows difficult things to form within  our daily walk in order to strengthen us for the very task of life.  

Love Wins