Friday, January 31, 2014


the first day we took Odin and Jonah with to Dave's radiation
they had no idea what to expect
we walked through the second set of doors past the first waiting room and into the next 
right by the lockers where you get undressed and wait for the nurse to come get you
very small little corner with a few magazines and such
the boys read and I prayed 
 Dave went with a nurse to go over side effects 
such awesome loving nurses
I was praying about what I can do to help and be a giver in this situation
how can we thank the nurses and Dr.s for all they do
that was pretty easy
baked goods every week a couple times a week

A  young dad and his son walked up and plopped their bag of clothes down and sat right next to us
we started chit chatting 
I could tell the cute little boy had cancer and my heart melted
as we talked my eyes filled with tears
Joey had cancer in his brain and in his spine
he's in 4th grade 
he loves Lego's and the Packers 
his favorite number is 22 and he loves crafts with his Grandma
his joyful spirit radiated from him
he had 10 weeks of radiation and 2 weeks left to go
ending on his 10th birthday
the day after Jonah's
the kiddos had fun talking and listening to him
they were believers and we talked about praying for each other and keeping in touch
the boys were so excited 
they wanted his address so they could be pen pals
my boys love pen pals
like the good old fashioned hand written letters
not this computer stuff
they  were excited to be able to put a birthday package together for him
and we actually got to see him on his last day
he was at the hospital seeing another Dr.
you see they usually come at 4 for radiation
they came that day early because of the snow storm
it's amazing who God puts in our place at just the right time
we walked away and exchanged emails, address's, hugs and prayers of good health
 giving thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love

*pray for Dave to stop puking and the nausea to be gone

thank you for your continued love and support