Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Olivia

Now the older kiddos are so excited because they are 10, 9, 8
wishing Jeremiah was a 7 instead of a 6
I remember it was insane having 4 kiddos in diapers
you were colorful from the start
you are such a free spirit just like your mama
never had a care about what anyone else thought
you can't wait for the day to be a mom to 10 kids
you are still praying for a sister
you have a heart for kids, babies and everything orphan
you love pancakes and celery
your a nail biter
 loves Legos, reading, crafts
singing and dancing to Toby Mac, Natalie Grant, and Hillsong
you are on fire for the Lord
and oh so creative
 we love you so much

you have the chubbiest cheeks ever

love this picture of you 3 

a ninja from the start

it took you forever to grow hair...

we love popcorn in this house

you would pick marvel heroes over dolls and dresses anyday
thank goodness I'm not girly

catching frogs

crazy weird child

loves to seriously wrestle

 Odin looks a little scary there

we love wigs in this house

Legos in the rain

can you feel the excitement of having another brother

we love Darth Maul

thank you auntie ML for making the cake

we are so blessed to have you in our lives..