Thursday, January 16, 2014


Everyone has been asking about meals during this whole process
which has been awesome 
we love bringing meals to people
the easiest way I could come up with a plan was an idea from a friend
it's called Meal Baby and it's totally easy and cool
I was feeling overwhelmed in a good way with all the offers to help and emails
I just couldn't keep up with it all
 Meal Baby is a program where you just 
sign up on the calender when you can bring a meal, buy a restaurant gift card(they didn't have many options for this) or have their kitchen cook and ship you a meal.

easy as that

So this is the address
 just copy and paste it  or click it on it 

if you want to help you have to sign in and set up an account
super easy
 you don't have to live close to help
 there are many options and it rocks!
thank you for all of your generous hearts!