Sunday, January 19, 2014

What an experience Dave has to go through and all these other sweet people we have met over the first week of his treatments. 
Technology is a crazy good tool
the radiation machine is amazing
Odin and Jonah have been going along as well
the kiddos thought it was crazy cool and they thought the mask was kind of spooky
I think they were thinking along the lines of a new marvel character or something.
when Dave first told them he was getting radiation Odin said "like the Hulk?"
without hesitation Dave said "Yes, and don't get me mad. You would not like me when I am mad" He laughed right after and explained that it was not like the Hulk.

the nurses and techs were so nice
they showed us everything and explained what happens to Dave during his treatments

that's Dave in his mask on the table getting lined up for his 3rd treatment

Jonah decided to take a picture while we were waiting for Dave to go in
it actually turned out kind of cool

 When Dave gets into the room he puts in his mouth guards and  gets on the table.
gets all lined up, and then the big mask goes on
 they bolt it down and
  he cannot see anything in the mask
 except for strobe lights he could detect even with his eyes closed.
He heard a whirling sound move around his head from left to right which the nurse said was the radiation targeting the specific areas.
weird and slightly odd experience he said
 he figures by day 10 or so it should be old school.
 Treatments are  about 20 minutes 
start to finish
we got a whole bunch of Ensure drinks to have him start chugging down, some tissue building nutrients we add into his water and lotion for his neck
they told him the fatigue will start by Friday and everything else that has not started will soon start next week
he puts lotion on his neck every morning and night to help with the skin burning
neck and throat radiation is so different and complex compared  to any other radiation because of where it is at and it changes his eating which is huge
Dave has lost over 22 lbs but he cannot lose more than 18 pounds or he will have to get a feeding tube
so we are monitoring Dave's weight closely

so please pray for 
minimal side effects and good nutrition

thank you so much for all your prayers and love.

25 more days to go
(our radiation countdown)