Tuesday, January 14, 2014

wrong side of the bed club
oh my golly
i lost my patience the other day
our kiddos got up at 4:00
which they have been doing for about a week
nothing new...they usually rise at 4:45
but this was pushing it
they are constantly getting up through the night, sleep walking, going potty you name it
sleep walking has become Jonah's new thing
it's totally weird.  he hovers over you and will walk all around the house sometimes reading or even doing his math
sometimes I can't even find him
I wonder if 911 has ever had a call like that 
I think I was almost the first
crazy kid
 you'll always see a light on in our house 
they were not following this list we made and they changed it so that started an hour long discussion which led to 2 boys in their room for an hour or so
that pretty much put a sour taste in their mouth for the rest of the day
they played outside and they argued, whining, no fair cries, more cries, complaining, fighting, complaining again, and all of that was constant.

 Remember  dominoes? 
Well they were knocking over the dominoes faster than I could reset them. It got to the point where hearing each whine was making me literally want to sit down on the toilet in the bathroom and lock the door
I  think I did shed some tears for a bit.
i kept having to raise my voice which I rarely ever have to do
Everybody was sick at the time so I was constantly tending to their needs and wiping boogers all day
I just wanted to read a little....like 5 minutes
I haven't read in a month besides my BIBLE
I want to read  my other  books that I miss so dearly

Olivia didn't want to take a shower and wash her hair
every time a kid sat at the table to eat they ate with their knees up against the table or with their mouth open...insert huge pet peeve of mine
like what in the world is going on here
I guess the manners went right out the window
I sent them outside because their wrestling was getting a little to loud and crazy inside
I was waiting for the TV or lamps  to fall over
heck we already spilt 3 glasses of water in one hour
I  was letting them play catch with a foam ball in the house and
it was getting funner  and funner the farther we threw it and the harder we threw it
I was participating too until the glasses all spilled 
of course it spilled all over our books...library books
Jonah comes in from outside and said Odin pushed him in the snow and he lost this 

it just snowed almost a foot of snow 
how in the world are we going to find that
it's like finding a needle in a haystack
so they look at me curiously like why would you have a needle by a haystack mom?
 so they look and look
I told them they have to find it or they are splitting the cost of the new lens
they found it

they all came in and I made them hot cocoa with candy canes
we do cocoa all year
with our handy dandy little hot cocoa station
we love  homemade cocoa
Jeremiah is talking and walking
and spilling his hot cocoa all through the kitchen as he just keeps on talking
not drips either.....like splashing all over
this is like the 5th spill today
sticky splashy spills suck

I don't like feeling so crabby and short sticked
I find when I get irritated at the mess and all that
Olivia is the one that always pipes in and tells me she loves me over and over
her coping mechanism when momma raises her voice

These domino  days simply happen, sweet mothers. They happen. I have them, you have them, and the hypothetical, though I’m sure it’s out there, mom with the perfect pinterest board pin for everything cutesy in her house has them. 

They are normal.

The crazy thing is that when I wrote this it was in the afternoon of that domino effect day.
the sun was streaming on my face through the window and my house was absolutely peaceful. 

The same day. 

God is good

Motherhood is about constantly choosing to pick up the dominoes and resetting them. You know they are going to fall, but we keep picking them up, making new paths, doing the laundry, dealing with issues, going up and down, and rejoicing over the great accomplishments. Gradually we move forward and the dominoes that once fell will happen no more. 
insert lots of prayers

Breathe, mamas, breathe.

Those crazy dominoe falling days are  moments...they  don’t define a mother. 
They don’t define motherhood success.
 They are just real.
 You will get through those domino effect days also
I’m  with you.
Start again – one domino, one day at a time