Friday, December 20, 2013

Doughnuts and Dentists

We decided to go deliver 
donuts and hot cocoa to the construction workers that are building the new police department here in Kiel

Olivia and Jeremiah wanted to do it before school
they were so kind to the kiddos
the one guy said "Oh sweet!"
Jeremiah proceeded to tell him that he smelled hair conditioner
I am pretty sure that made his day
Dave was in the office in the morning so he stopped in at the new building to meet with the contractors and said all of them were eating the dougnuts when he came in

we had an extra for the crossing guard

Dave had another dentist appointment yesterday
He is pretty sore from the surgery on Tuesday but is feeling better
Last thing he needed was more drilling and holding his mouth open for an hour or more
The nerves in his neck still act up from the 2nd surgery so he gets shooting pain in his jaw and neck which does not help with dental work
They fixed 5 more teeth and hope he only needs one more appointment on Monday to do everything they need to get him ready for radiation

We drive to Green Bay this morning and spend a lot of our day there
We are going to meet his radiation team and get him ready for treatments
We hope to know our schedule too
Pray that we have safe travel there and back