Thursday, December 19, 2013

pictures from MN

God blessed us with rainbows all the time
it was beautiful

had fun listening to the Christmas music and watching people dance

the outside of the building was so beautiful

the kiddos were amazed with the 19 floors and the sight of everything

this was there way cool Barnes and Noble
where we hung out for hours every day

this little man rocks

some guys mansion we passed on the way surrounded by cranberry bogs
we were just going to go up his driveway and ask for a tour

the 30 rainbow balloons for the kiddos on the pediatic wing
we love us some rainbows

December 18th

My camera wasn't cooperating for pictures so there are none
this camera thing is driving me crazy
I love my camera

for this kindness event 
 we always pick the same family 
they will always have a special place in our heart
so the trick is to run up to the door and ring the door bell and run as fast as you can
so Jonah got kind of busted
she saw his face and he ran and never looked back
I had parked down the road with my lights off
side door open
Jonah hoped in and we drove off  with the door open and the kids thought it was so cool
Odin says 
it's like were in an action movie mom
so much fun!