Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 20th
and the radiologist

Extremely long day yesterday
meetings with the the whole radiation team
it's amazing to me how many people you see before you actually talk to the Dr.
going over the side effects, long term affects, eating, physical therapy, finances and emotions
so much goes into this
way more than we ever imagined
everyone was wonderful 
St. Vincents is a beautiful place
it was a little slow driving in the snow storm though
we made it with plenty of time

Doctors said Dave is healing quite well from his surgeries
his neck and throat are doing very well
they want him to take more time to heal, especially after all of the dental work
he will not start radiation treatments until the week of January 6th t
hat should give him enough time to get his jaw, neck, and mouth almost back to normal 
the whole radiation treatment process is completely amazing

Monday he will finish  his dental work and they will make him mouth guard trays
those guards will help protect his  teeth during treatment.

next Thursday (day after Christmas) Dave will  go back to the radiation clinic and they will make him a  custom radiation mask (this is a mess mask that fits over his head and neck)
he will have another CT scan, and more tests for 2 hours or so
they went over all of the nasty side effects for neck and head radiation again too.

the doctor wants to have his pathologist team review all of Dave's lab reports again
the doctor said the tumor in Dave's neck was pretty big so they are concerned it may have left more cancer cells in his neck than thought
if they find anything the doctor said he may want Dave to have both chemo and radiation
they don't think he will need both but they are checking it one last time to make sure.

please pray that Dave does not need both radiation and chemotherapy
having both will make his whole healing process and treatments much more difficult
Dave should find out at his radiation team appointment next Thursday.

December 20th

brought  some goodies to our awesome Post Office
they are such hard workers

thank you auntie Sarah for all the hats, antlers and noses
the kiddos loved them

Made gingerbread houses at Olivia's school yesterday
it's always so much fun to watch the kiddos come up with their designs
i thought it was funny watching the kiddos share frosting containers and occasionally lick the stick they were using and dig in for some more
I totally love double dipping!

December 21th

we like to go to this nursing throughout the year and visit and bring them goodies
we always love to see that they have kept the things we have made them over the past 4 years
the kiddos love to visit with them

crazy bakers

Miah is feeling under the weather
and Gabe has no idea what we are doing.

Have a great weekend and thank you for all your continued prayers, love and support