Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 17th
Dave has really weak teeth and the day before his first surgery, he had a crown break off one of his teeth on the same side he just had surgery
They had to wait until he felt better to have anything done
They could not fix it so the dentist wanted it removed before he starts radiation
Radiation will really mess up his teeth so this was important to do before hand
He had it taken it out yesterday during a surgery
It went well but he is pretty sore
He had just started trying more solid foods but now he is back to mashed potatoes
His jaw still hurt from the last surgery so this set him back a little bit
He has more dental appointments on Thursday afternoon and again on Friday morning
Friday afternoon we meet the radiation doctors in Green Bay
That is when we will find out the date he starts radiation
We think it will be on Dec 30th but we will know for sure on Friday

Snow Buddies
Odin and Jonah decided they wanted to help people this past weekend
They took their snow shovels and went out looking for someone's driveway to shovel
After walking around our neighborhood they finally found a home that had snow all over the driveway so they started shoveling
They started at the garage and once they made it to the sidewalk Odin said a neighbor yelled over to them that no one lived at that house
Poor kids spent all that time shoveling a driveway of a vacant house
They came back pretty bummed out
Dave told them to smile because God saw what they did and knew why they did it
Then we all laughed about all the time they spent shoveling a driveway at a vacant house

 December 17th

 these are the designs each of the kiddos did
we then toodled around town and  decided to put them in the mailboxes instead
it was too tricky to run up to the door and hang it on the door
people driving by or neighbors leaving kept busting us
we ended the night with sledding and it was so much fun until Jeremiah got hit twice 
I should of had the camera
Olivia went down backwards and took Miah out so hard he flew through the air
Odin had just got done hitting him with his sled
I think we might be wearing helmets next time!