Saturday, November 23, 2013

We are off .....
on the 2nd trip to MAYO
with most of the kiddos except Gabe
thank you mom and dad for watching him
that little guy has now taken up hitting people in the head
thank you for the donations to get us here
we couldn't get here without all of your help again
they seriously need some kind of hotel/house for patients to stay in when funds are tight.
we are packed in the mini van and ready to read and sing some more
I seriously wish I could video tape the  kiddos sing their hearts out in the car to us
it is pure loudness and joy

we will be homeschooling all over
our kids love to adventure so we will be journeying around town
truly you can school anywhere
life is always teachable 
I didn't realize how much I could learn on this home schooling journey

 We will be able to go to the Children's Museum there
they have a free home school day
and the public library has a Lego day for 2 hours for home schoolers so we will do that too
yes we packed our blessing bags for the homeless people which I forget last weekend 
we usually have them in the car but we cleaned it out before we left last time
so we are more prepared this time
we also have some other ideas so we can minister to others on this trip
I want love and kindness to win

His surgery will be the first thing Monday morning
they will call us on Sunday night to let us know exactly  what time
I will keep updating as I can 

Thank you so much for all your prayers, love and support
Keep them coming also for safe travels.
We love you dearly! 

God is with us!