Monday, November 25, 2013

We got up and were on the road by 5:45
Dave checked in by 6
had a few tears from everyone after we left
got back to the hotel and had breakfast with the seniors
most of the people here are patients
some have been here for weeks from all over the world
my kiddos love the seniors(over 50 in their eyes)
theysay the women all have short curly hair and the men seem to all have glasses
so we were chatting with whoever would listen to us really
they crack me up
it was so much fun

went to the library
hung out and read there
and they did some drawing and crafts
swam 3 times already

 the communications nurse just called and said they were just finishing him up and all went good
that was all I got
he will be transferred to recovery  and then we can go see him in 2 hours
I will hopefully talk to the Dr. then and find out more
Thanks for all your prayers and support
I wish I could download photos here
we are having lots of fun
Jeremiah adds a whole new twist to being here though
that boy can swim and swim and swim and never be tired
We will go visit and post an update tonight  hopefully.
love you guys