Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Gabriel
(a little late)

we are so blessed
what you have shown us and brought to our life we could've never expected
I think back to the day I got that email from a wonderful mother with 19 kids and counting
and I can't believe we hopped in the car and drove 13 hours to Arkansas
to have Dave get a reverse vasectomy done
listening to some awesome sermons on cd's that we brought
laughing, crying, reminiscing
and just catching up on life together
it was awesome

God is so amazing...

 Gabe does this a lot with his head
he is constantly turning his head side ways and looking at you
I think it's a habit or something
it's very sweet

he loves eating all the foam swords

 he is a whopping 27 pounds
and  is in 24 month clothes
he is a big guy that doesn't even like food
we said good buy to the Enfamil Prosobee and he is taking whole milk with no problems at all
he does not like a sippy cup
he prefers a regular cup
we just have to start getting him to eat food now

he babbles a lot and the kiddos still argue over him
they keep wishing you could just buy babies from a store or something
they love kids

he thought this Halloween candy thing was pretty fun!

he got a rainbow cake...Olivia's choice

he wanted nothing to do with the cake...not even a lick

totally forgot the green

Thank you for the gifts, cards and well wishes! 

Please be patient. I am rearranging my blog and titles. Thanks!