Monday, November 25, 2013


we went to visit David at the hospital
for about 10 minutes
I totally forgot he was sharing a room
we had to pay for a single room  out of pocket
so the nurses station didn't say anything about where he was in the room
 it was a little shocking for the kiddos when they first walked in 
and saw this guy they thought was their dad with all sorts of tubes all over 
then we proceeded ahead and saw daddy

he had a window seat they said
David looked great besides being a little pale
the kiddos said his bandage on his neck looked like those seat belt pillows that you can sleep on and there oohh so comfy
total infomercial
Olivia was hoping to draw some things on it
David politely whispered me over to him and asked if we could go
he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open

the kiddos gave him a hug and kiss
and lost it from there
all the kiddos were struggling but 
Jeremiah was having a really hard time keeping it together
so we went and did some things
and found some homeless people to bless with some blessing bags and warm hot chocolate
my  kiddos love the homeless
they wondered if they could play UNO with them while they ask for money
love their hearts
hoping for a call from the Dr. tomm.
I have no news on anything yet
keep the prayers coming for a healthy and quick recovery
we love you all
and thank you all very much
I will have to post the pictures of our trip when we get back...sorry about that