Tuesday, November 26, 2013

the kiddos slept great last night
up and raring to go at 4:30ish
thank goodness they serve breakfast at 5:30
Olivia was cranking the music on my computer
she loves loves loves Natalie Grant's new album Hurricane
skyped with Gabe
ate and then we swam for awhile
then we headed up to see Daddy 
he was  up and wanted  to walk with us
he did great
he couldn't talk yet but he's doing good
he still has the drain in his neck but the bandage was off and the wound look great
it's a good wound about 6-8 inches
scars are cool the kiddos say
David wasn't able to keep liquids or any applesauce down yet
he has to be able to keep things down before he can be released
the Dr. has checked on him a few times daily and he is doing good 
thank you Lee and Joey for visiting, 
for all the food and snacks for the kiddos and for all your gifts
thank you Barb for bringing some things to do for the kiddos
they loved them and most of all thank you for getting David in so fast
you guys are so thoughtful and caring

we are so blessed 

The Dr. just called at 5:45 pm
the surgery went as planned
he said it was exactly what they thought it would be
took out his tonsils and part of the base of his tongue
exactly where the tumor was
then for the neck dissection
the cancer was gone but they removed a sack of lymph nodes
just for good measure
he will heal for 4 weeks 
then they set up an appointment for us to see the radiologist next

Thank you all so very much your prayers, love and support

I am tired

Exodus 15:26  
I am the Lord who heals you