Thursday, March 21, 2013

Conference part 2
Shaunti Feldhaln
What your man most wants you to know.
Shaunti Feldhahn 
Boy was Shaunti right on with all of her information, surveys and studies
 I highly suggest you check out some of her books
For women only and for men only
they can be used for bible studies as welll
*Men's dials are all on the inside and women's dials are all on the outside.
*Women buil up all these ideas and assumptions and most of them are wronging
* Guys think about everything 
Women are verbal processors-talk things through
Men are internal processors-they sit and think on things

*Guys are more sensitive to what we say thank we think they are

*Guys need to know they are appreciated

*Men will parent differently than we do

*Women nurture and protect/Men are designed to let them go and fly

Dr. Kathy Koch
 Kill the Spiders
 Dr. Kathy Koch

This lady was hilarious and oh so have to check her out!

*Teaching kids Christian Character-Failure isn't final

*Forgiveness and  to apologize

*Being honest with kids

*The very things that drive you nuts about your kids are usually their strenghts

*They are human beings not human doings

*They need to feel important

I had about 20 pages of notes from her....there was so much valuable information
Check her out at

 Keep praying for Gabe he is teething something fierce
I think I want him to wake up with at least 5 teeth in his mouth one of these mornings.
He is still getting up at least 6 times a night
it takes him about 15-20 minutes to fall asleep then....

 we decided to decorate him a little
he is a true blessing and so much 

Thank you so much!
Blessings fro the Funks!