Monday, March 25, 2013

conference .....part 3
 Jill Savage
"Living with less so your family has more"

*with less stress, money and activities you will have more peace, patience, kindness, joy, more available, more energy for parenting and your marriage

*Remember as a Christian you will be swimming upstream.  You are living for God not your friends, neighbors or family

*The opposite of poverty is enough

*Don't get caught up in the comparison trap


*Remember it will take a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction-God's direction

5 contentment principles

Live beyond the temporary

Grow a thankful heart

Learn to give

Live within your means

Accept your circumstances

Kathy Lipp

"Get yourself Organized Project" 

Kathi Lipp

I knew she was my kind of girl when she opened with this question ....
Are you the kind of person that makes a list and then you do something that is not on your list and then add it to your list just to cross it off...
totally me
I love lists and so do my kiddos
they tend to make their own lists off of my lists

she really focused on comparing your house to the ones in a magazine and  friends houses

Satan's lies will keep you from being effective.

she was really funny to listen to

Sherry Schuratt
 "7 habits of highly effective moms" 

Sherry Surratt
*there is no perfect

*great moms don't happen on accident

*they put themselves first when it comes to spiritual development

*keep your sense of humor

*pay attention to who you are in God

I will be making a plan to bring a bunch of ladies next year.

It was so awesome!!! 

And my kiddos survived!!!