Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What a conference....

part 1
I have never been to Hearts at Home before, I have always wanted to go but just couldn't find anybody to go with.
So this year I went with a friend 
I plan on going every year after
my goodness was it awesome. 
I will break it all down in parts for you because all the speakers I heard rocked and I learned a ton of valuable information for what we mommas go through
I wasn't prepared to learn so much and come home with such awesome ideas and such conviction  
Laughing so hard one minute...the lady next to me actually asked me if I ever leaked or peed my pants after I had so many kiddos
it was too funny....love that we moms can be real
God showed up in so many ways and I met so many wonderful ladies walking through all sorts of different journeys and adventures.

I am so thankful for my husband watching the kiddos as well
they are all alive and had good time with daddy
and now if we could get the little man to sleep
he is teething something fierce
he is up anywhere from 5-9 times a night

 (his little ear sticks out so much from being folded over when we feed him)
duct tape should do the trick
Jill Savage 


*Giving yourself and other people(your husband) the freedom to fail or make mistakes

*Failure will always be a part of life

*Celebrating your husband for who he is instead of who he isn't

*Embracing imperfection

*Take off your mask and be real

*Turning your messes into your message
Jill Savage also rocked it out with Anita Renfroe  
they did the Muthahood song together


If you haven't seen Anita do stand up
she is hilarious
My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard
I would love to have her come over for dinner sometime...

Lynn Cowell

 Lynn Cowell

 was next talking about wiser women...wiser daughters

*Girls just want to be wanted
*Girls confidence needs to be based on Christ not others or the world

*The world tells girls and women that they are only valuable with a guy, not Jesus

*Man's rejection is God's Protection
(love that)

*Teach them to have a good friend that loves the Lord

*God wants all of them.  His love never changes.  He completes her

*She will always be different and swimming upstream because she believes in JESUS!

 Dana Blomberg

Loving your husband towards Christ


 *His leadership as a husband/dad needs to come from the Lord

*Instead of biting your husbands head off about something, zip it and go to the Lord
(that is a hard one for us...right ladies)

*Loving him when he's not being a hero

*Your the #1 minister to your husband

back soon with Part 2
seriously please pray for Gabe to sleep better and get some teeth
I think I am living on caffeine fumes over here!