Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lego Organization

Yes we tackled it again
I feel like I never stop trying to organize Lego's in this house
It is the most played with toy in our house
they all seem to ask for Lego's for gifts
I love seeing what the kiddos come up with and create
We were getting tired of stepping on them 
Dave always seems to be the one who steps on them
and they seem to be in every room of this house
I had the idea of separating them by how many dots are on the top or what they looked like
ones, two's 12's flats odd building pieces, smooth name it
my mom and I worked for hours upon hours and about 4 days on this

this was crazy
it's amazing when you start emptying your lego bins how many legos you actually have

I have to admit it was something to do and it was kind of fun
we brought down an old dresser I had used up stairs and started to organize it with all the different bins of Lego's


 they created so many things after they were organized
the kiddos could not believe how much easier it was to find the pieces
hoping it stays this organized.....

thanks for all your help mom!