Monday, February 11, 2013

Home school days
a little bit of snuggling all through out the day

lots of salads for me for lunch
they are easy when  it takes you 3 hours to eat your lunch
 in between doing things

lots of sword battles

lots of snuggling with this little man

Gabe loves his bath time 
(compliments of Odin)

We are doing good
 Odin is almost done with his math
I have been having him do 2 lessons a day
we will get the next book and start doing that next

some days are harder than others
at least once a week he likes to day dream more than he needs to for my schedule
I get so bored sitting there sometimes waiting for him to be done

He has become a total lister
he loves crossing things off his list
when he is done

Most of all we have so much fun learning together
I never knew I would learn so much
it's like we both compete to tell daddy what we learned for the day when he comes home
I am so blessed and so thankful I get this opportunity to teach him