Friday, February 8, 2013

So a dear friend of ours dropped of some rummage sale stuff for us the other night
She always has such nice things she donates for it
 Well as I was going through these pants and checking the pockets
I felt something in the pocket

these pants belong to her 5 year old little boy
he is a funny and cute little guy

I felt something hard 

Look who was hiding in the back pocket
I started to laugh 
thinking of this little guy walking along and pocketing a baby Jesus from a nativity scene
was a little cute...

If you have any rummage items to drop off for our sale in May please let me know and bring them on over

thanks for all of your prayers

we drove 2 mini vans yesterday and now have to make a decision sometime soon.
my mom has been letting us use her car because the van we have slides everywhere in the snow.
we need clarity on which one to go with
and we are also so thankful for the money we have been blessed with for a down payment on the car
we are so grateful.....

Have a great Friday!