Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Please keep praying for us
we need to find a vehicle since ours died
asking God for clear direction

We also got our washer fixed by the 4th sears repair man in a month
Each repair man did something different
and everyone of them got lost on the way to our house
I thought this was kind of funny
Glad we didn't have to get a new  washer too...

 Keep praying that God would lead us in our adoption as well

Odin started crying (like weeping) during the super Bowl
this just came out of nowhere
he was thinking about the homeless....
he says
"they are not able to watch TV or eat junk food like we were doing"
so he stopped eating
it was kind of cute with a side of funny

Gabe is doing great on the Soy formula
that seemed to solve all the GI problems and diarrhea
praise the Lord  

I love that the other kiddos still argue over Gabe

                                                          thank you for all your prayers....
                                  we love you and are so blessed to have you in our lives