Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Olivia's Birthday 
Part 2
Well it didn't start off to be a good day
Olivia was feeling under the weather
she was crying a lot and didn't feel like doing much
we ran some errands and double checked with her about roller skating 
that is always her pick for her birthday
she loves it as well as 2 of her brothers
so we still went for a few hours
I put on my skates and attempted to skate over to the ledge with Gabe and almost bailed so I decided to not skate and Dave did all the skating with the kiddos this time
they love it...just wish it was closer
Odin REALLY enjoys it
 he totally gets a good workout from out
I love seeing all the people there skating
there are some serious skaters and they are totally tricked out
Olivia did not want to eat anything for dinner which she usually picks KFC
her favorite
 a few m&m's and that is all she ate

(sorry about the blurry picture)

(another blurry one)

this guy did not like skating
so he decided he could sit on the ledge around the skate rink.
which is a big no no
at one point he was standing on the ledge and dancing to Toby Mac
and doing ninja moves...he's lucky he didn't fall on the rink and bonk his head

 this is what she wanted for a cake

Of course the only thing she wished for was a sister
poor girl she cries about it quite often..

thanks  everyone for all the great gifts, birthday wishes, cards and prayers
 can you tell this guy loved the guitar as well

this was her cake for school
Jonah decorated the whole thing
funny thing happened 
we got out of the car and Olivia put the cake under her arm sideways
and low and behold when she opened the top cover to show her class the cake all the frosting went to one corner 
I could almost pour it out in a cup 
not sure what happened
but Olivia started laughing and Jonah cried

It was quite funny!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

                          Happy  7th Birthday Olivia!
                                                                      Part 1
                            I came across so many fun old pictures I will make this 2 posts

                                                                  first trip camping
                                                          keeping her out of the sun

                                             3 kiddos in 3 years was so much  crazy fun

                                            ok...we stuck the corn puffs in front of Olivia

                                                                 2 peas in a pod

                                            her leg warmers became arm warmers

                                             Church, groceries and enjoying the day with Olivia
                     decorated before church this morning and I have to make the cake yet too.
                                               stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

this game is so much fun
(thank you Fittons)

even Jeremiah can play it
it is a great family game
 even this guy thinks so!

 we are off to get our used van tonight
we are all so excited
we have been using my parents car which has helped a ton.

 we have all been healthy
and the kiddos even had off the other day because of the weather
so we were cranking out the baked goods.  

They wanted to bake cut out cookies so we made regular and chocolate ones and homemade cinnamon bread
everything turned out great
 their problem is htey just want to keep baking and then we never eat everything so we like to give a lot of it away.
We got some snorkels from our youth pastor the other day and the kids are loving them.  They have been snorkeling in the tub lately.  The only problem is that each kid takes a bath a couple times of day just to do it.

I was trying to get the baby to sleep the other day and Olivia and Jeremiah were in the tub playing London Bridge 
Well I knew it was going to be a mess up there by the sound of the fun they were having
I went up there and couldn't believe the water on the floor.
 they had used 6 big bath towels to soak it up, wrecked 2 rolls of toilet paper and accidentally pulled down the little curtain in their.  
this momma was not happy on the outside but I was secretly laughing on the inside.
They gave me a $1 each for the toilet paper 
 they still were laughing about how much fun they had while apologizing

Olivia was also trying to teach Jeremiah how to do handstands and bridges in the tub.
this girl never stops doing gymnastics!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Father / Daughter Ball
Olivia and David went to the father and daughter ball through Campus Life in Sheboygan

and boy did they have fun

I picked her up from school 
curled her hair
and even put a touch of hair spray on
she thought it was disgusting

applied a dab of mascara
I didn't ever notice how long her eyelashes were until I did this
added some special earrings from Grandma Mimi

finished her hair and added the flower she wanted

she added the .99cent goodwill sweater she loves

finished it off with her red sparkly shoes
now she is just waiting for her Prince

they are ready to go

she fell asleep on the way
and was so nervous when she got there

they did a few fun daddy and daughter questionnaire's, word searches and coloring sheets
it was an ocean theme and they even got little plastic sea shells filled with M&M's 

they had a wonderful dinner that Olivia didn't eat because there was gravy over everything
so she decided to only eat dessert

they ran into some friends from church there
so it was great to be able to sit by them 
the girls had so much fun being silly and dancing together

(sorry about the bad photo)

 by the end of the night they were doing the limbo, chicken dance and the electric slide

Olivia took off her tights and let her hair down
she had so much fun!

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