Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Olivia's Birthday 
Part 2
Well it didn't start off to be a good day
Olivia was feeling under the weather
she was crying a lot and didn't feel like doing much
we ran some errands and double checked with her about roller skating 
that is always her pick for her birthday
she loves it as well as 2 of her brothers
so we still went for a few hours
I put on my skates and attempted to skate over to the ledge with Gabe and almost bailed so I decided to not skate and Dave did all the skating with the kiddos this time
they love it...just wish it was closer
Odin REALLY enjoys it
 he totally gets a good workout from out
I love seeing all the people there skating
there are some serious skaters and they are totally tricked out
Olivia did not want to eat anything for dinner which she usually picks KFC
her favorite
 a few m&m's and that is all she ate

(sorry about the blurry picture)

(another blurry one)

this guy did not like skating
so he decided he could sit on the ledge around the skate rink.
which is a big no no
at one point he was standing on the ledge and dancing to Toby Mac
and doing ninja moves...he's lucky he didn't fall on the rink and bonk his head

 this is what she wanted for a cake

Of course the only thing she wished for was a sister
poor girl she cries about it quite often..

thanks  everyone for all the great gifts, birthday wishes, cards and prayers
 can you tell this guy loved the guitar as well

this was her cake for school
Jonah decorated the whole thing
funny thing happened 
we got out of the car and Olivia put the cake under her arm sideways
and low and behold when she opened the top cover to show her class the cake all the frosting went to one corner 
I could almost pour it out in a cup 
not sure what happened
but Olivia started laughing and Jonah cried

It was quite funny!