Thursday, February 21, 2013

this game is so much fun
(thank you Fittons)

even Jeremiah can play it
it is a great family game
 even this guy thinks so!

 we are off to get our used van tonight
we are all so excited
we have been using my parents car which has helped a ton.

 we have all been healthy
and the kiddos even had off the other day because of the weather
so we were cranking out the baked goods.  

They wanted to bake cut out cookies so we made regular and chocolate ones and homemade cinnamon bread
everything turned out great
 their problem is htey just want to keep baking and then we never eat everything so we like to give a lot of it away.
We got some snorkels from our youth pastor the other day and the kids are loving them.  They have been snorkeling in the tub lately.  The only problem is that each kid takes a bath a couple times of day just to do it.

I was trying to get the baby to sleep the other day and Olivia and Jeremiah were in the tub playing London Bridge 
Well I knew it was going to be a mess up there by the sound of the fun they were having
I went up there and couldn't believe the water on the floor.
 they had used 6 big bath towels to soak it up, wrecked 2 rolls of toilet paper and accidentally pulled down the little curtain in their.  
this momma was not happy on the outside but I was secretly laughing on the inside.
They gave me a $1 each for the toilet paper 
 they still were laughing about how much fun they had while apologizing

Olivia was also trying to teach Jeremiah how to do handstands and bridges in the tub.
this girl never stops doing gymnastics!