Monday, February 18, 2013

Father / Daughter Ball
Olivia and David went to the father and daughter ball through Campus Life in Sheboygan

and boy did they have fun

I picked her up from school 
curled her hair
and even put a touch of hair spray on
she thought it was disgusting

applied a dab of mascara
I didn't ever notice how long her eyelashes were until I did this
added some special earrings from Grandma Mimi

finished her hair and added the flower she wanted

she added the .99cent goodwill sweater she loves

finished it off with her red sparkly shoes
now she is just waiting for her Prince

they are ready to go

she fell asleep on the way
and was so nervous when she got there

they did a few fun daddy and daughter questionnaire's, word searches and coloring sheets
it was an ocean theme and they even got little plastic sea shells filled with M&M's 

they had a wonderful dinner that Olivia didn't eat because there was gravy over everything
so she decided to only eat dessert

they ran into some friends from church there
so it was great to be able to sit by them 
the girls had so much fun being silly and dancing together

(sorry about the bad photo)

 by the end of the night they were doing the limbo, chicken dance and the electric slide

Olivia took off her tights and let her hair down
she had so much fun!