Friday, January 25, 2013

too funny not to share
I just had too....
this little man has been smiling like crazy lately 
but he has been inconsolable the next minute
he has had non stop diarrhea for almost 2 weeks
and since Saturday he has been screaming throughout the day like he is in some serious pain
we already did a round of stool samples last Friday
nothing showed up
so we went back into the Dr. yesterday and let me tell you
I was so thankful my mom offered to come with
it was a crazy morning already but having her there was a huge help
Odin and Jeremiah were with too
We got there by 8:30 and I fed him and then they checked him out
the whole time he is laying on the table laughing and smiling
within an hour of us being there  he started screaming until his face was beat red
his little lips quivering and his back totally straight with his legs straight as a board
I couldn't even bend his legs
 they needed to get an ex ray
so I sent my mom to target with the kiddos to get Jonah's birthday gift(it was the only day we could do it)
by the time they got back  we were done with the ex ray
it makes me laugh some of these people in the waiting room that have the nerve to say things to me when he is screaming his head off
I was (Gabe was really)aggravating some people I guess
on the other hand
the nurses kept walking by and would stop and rub his head and say how cute he was 
 I just kept walking up and down the hallway
we got back into the room and went over the ex ray
all is good
so we need to take more pooop samples but try to catch the poop before it hits the diaper
I started to laugh thinking
how am I going to do this
should I put a funnel under him or what
 she told me to use syran wrap in the diaper and then just poor the poop out into the vials
then she also wanted me to change the formula  for 2 days and come back today and check him out.
so has anyone ever used syran wrap in a diaper?
how funny is this going to be was my first reaction
so my gracious mom applied the first coat 
I couldn't stop laughing
Gabe had the funniest look on his face
 it kind of worked but there wasn't much poop and it was so liquidity it comes right out of the sides and onto the diaper
so we kept trucking along at this procedure and got what we could
(mind you my wonderful brother and his 2 kiddos came yesterday for a visit)
I needed a lot so by the time I went to bed last night it was accomplished
the other thing the Dr. asked me among the  gazillion questions was
how does he sleep?
 great during the screaming at all
he only gets up 3-4 times which he has always done
a light bulb moment occurred
he rarely eats during the night, he just needs to be re situated and that's it
It is clearly digestive issues going on
As soon as you feed him within an hour he is screaming like a mad man
sooooo say a little prayer for our little monkey 
I hope that it is something simple
thanks for being part of our daily adventures!