Tuesday, January 22, 2013

 I never knew....
this homeschooling thing would be so much fun
we  are having a blast
and I love out time together
 Odin, Gabe and I are home for a short time then Jeremiah joins us at about 11

 We have increased our math assignments 
so he can do 2 a day
they were getting to easy
so I wanted to push him a little harder

we have added typing every day

he helps me prepare dinner
he makes his lunch along with Jeremiah's
we have made a dinosaur skeleton out of marshmallows and toothpicks

we have made a scroll

we have made Greek pottery

we have studied the 12 tribes of Israel 
we have just finished studying about Greeks
and learned a lot

I never realized how much I would learn and how much I have forgotten
we have done a bunch of fun Science projects

wrote 2 book reports

we have just finished up learning about Ludwig van Beethoven

we have learned how silk is made
Odin thought we could start making it at home until he actually studied how it was made

 Odin had just finished reading 
 A Triumph for Flavius 
  Flavius s father returns from war and presents him a captured Greek nobleman as a slave. Even young Flavius recognizes this man s dignity and his right to live freely. The love of one boy can change the course of another s life.
 When Odin finished the book he  put it down and cried
he was totally touched and moved by this book

best of all he is loving helping me at home with his brothers especially the baby
he is constantly asking if he can take care of the baby while he reads or does his work.

this boy never wants to get older 
he wishes he(along with everyone else)could stay young and little forever
it is so cute

and this little man lights up when Odin comes by