Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Jonah

You will always be our little miracle

you look like Gabe in this picture

we love you so much and are so blessed to have you for a son
you have such a big heart for others
you love people
you are funny and sometimes just plain old foolish and giddy at the same time
you love to help and are very giving

this is one of my favorites 
3 round little heads
3 years apart
Olivia you were not actually eating the popcorn but it looked cute in front of you

you love bugs
you love playing with your action figures
(whoever sits by you needs a shield from the spit when you play)
you have some intense battles
your a great story teller
you ask some very serious and hard questions
you love to dance
LEGOS are your absolute favorite
 you love being a brother

this is the robot cake we made for school

this was the ninja turtle cake for home

thank you for all the birthday wishes, gifts, cards and prayers
we are truly blessed.....