Monday, January 21, 2013


silence the voices from speaking into your lives
god's saying can I increase your capacity
the more I stretch you
the more I increase you
the more I can pour into you
god wants to do exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond
but he is only limited by our capacity
but the capacity of our churches is so small because we pray for revival but we don't want to stretch and grow and do the work of serving because you only spell revival one way
we need so many people to come out of the prayer closet to do a whole lot more
sew, give, grow
and God will be able to do a whole lot more
it might not be a weight but it might be a sin
the more milder you make the label ........the more potent you make the poison
what we have done in this society has made the label more mild that we are killing a generation because they don't understand what sin does
so that you can't  put the only anecdote
to sin which is 
the blood of Jesus Christ
the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ
cut it away
because it's holding you back
god wants you
to step into his promises
today's success is tomorrows journey
he's preparing you..... for what he already had planned for you in the future

move out of your past

called you out
to take you in!

it's for freedom that Christ set us free
freedom requires a lot of maturity and a lot of change

awesome notes from an awesome pastor...Christine Caine