Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good Bye Sweet Friend

11 years ago Dave and I went car shopping because I was pregnant with our oldest son Odin. He had a Jeep Wrangler that he really LOVED but I convinced him that a Jeep was not the best car for a family. We went to look at the Honda CRV but as soon as I saw how many kiddos could fit in a Honda Pilot we bought one. We bought it new and it was a little more than we could afford at the time but we looked at it like an investment and we made it work. We paid it off pretty quickly.
Our Honda Pilot was a 2003 and I loved that car. We drove it some many times to so many different places. I cannot say enough about how great of a car it is. I loved it and we put over 201000 miles on the car and had barely any problems. I think we did some transmission work when it hit 100 thousand miles but that is about all except regular stuff.
Well on Thursday night Livy and I were driving back from Sheboygan and the engine light and a bunch of other lights started flashing and the car started to drive rough. I could not get the car to run right. I called Dave and he told me turn around and take it to the dealership. Dave got in our van loaded with the boys and met me there. We left it overnight and the next morning they called Dave to tell us the transmission is totally shot. They think it will cost us about $6000 to fix which is more than the car is worth so we have decided to send it to a scrap yard instead.
What a mess. Dave is totally confused about what to do next so pray for us for wisdom on what to do. We will have to buy something we just don’t know what to buy and how much to spend. It has been so nice for us not to have a car payment but I think we have no choice. We need a 2nd car.
Very sad day for me. 
Lots of singing, crying, praying, and 5 kids were brought home in that car.
 We took so many adventures, getting groceries, trips to the doctor, the store, family vacations, holiday drives and more. 
Goodbye Pilot. 
We will miss you.