Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One of those days.....
Ya know how you just want to go to the bathroom and stay there, for than than 5 minutes by yourself. That was my day yesterday, a half hour would of been great though. I have to say I am one who rarely gets upset and things just don't bother me, but I was tired yesterday as well, so that added fuel to the fire. 
My sweet Livy and Jeremiah were just on a roll of frustration, anger, sassines, you name it.  
Jeremiah  has been a whirlwind of emotions for the past few weeks.  I have never had this with the other four.  Funny how they are so different.  When he gets mad at me for dressing him when he does not want to be or changing his diaper when he does not want to be I will scold him and then he will tell me he is mad at me or ask for someone who is not at the house right now. Help anybody...  He is so funny too.  He has these face expressions like a cute little angry old man.  It is hard not to laugh when I am correcting him. 
My sweet Livy just liked to do things her way and just add a little naughtiness to them.  She would spill something and then write her name in it with her hand or foot.  Acts of unkindness to Jeremiah just to aggravate him all day.  We even baked homemade chocolate brownies and licked the bowl.  We had a fun day she just kept throwing me a curveball every now and then. 
God-Give me wisdom in the dark days, Patience in the long days and Love in the hard days.  
 We need a constant Source of help, a place we can run where our Comforter never turns away and our Guide never departs. We need a Helper who can always be found, one whose love is steady and whose forgiveness is strong.
We need God.
We need God for life itself.
We need God during nights or days that are filled with frustration and tears, and we need Him on nights or days that are filled with laughter.
James 4:8 encourages, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” (NKJV).
Thank you God for helping me get through the day with patience and grace.