Friday, June 11, 2010

Dentist visit #2 and more to come

My poor husband had a tooth pulled on Monday. One of the ones he broke a few months ago that the dentist couldn't save. Poor guy was in pain and all he ate for two days was bananas, yogurt, and pudding. The kids thought this was great, wondering why they can't eat like that.  He's doing better now but still pretty sore. Dave knew the kids and I would be fascinated about the tooth removal so he asked the dentisit to give him the tooth. I could not believe your tooth goes that deep into your jaw! They cut his jaw bone to get it at which is why he is so sore. He face was all puffy too. Of course the kids looked at the tooth and said "yuck!" except Jonah who was very interested in all the yucky details. Olivia insisted that her Daddy would get at least $1 from the tooth fairy because he is so old. The tooth is far enough back that it doesn't affect his smile, but we still have to decide if we want to have it replaced or not. The cost to replace it will be over $3000 and since the city doesn't have dental insurance, we might skip getting it replaced until after the adoption.