Sunday, June 13, 2010

Frogs & Turtles

Our new friend...
Ok, I am terrible at taking care of frogs.  We only had it a few days.  I put it outside in the frog haven that we have, forgetting it was over 80 outside and I cooked the frog.  I only had it out there for 1 hour and I killed it.  My kids were having so much fun pushing on the dead frog and feeling him, it was like we were in 7th grade science class.  We buried him in the back yard after a quick ceremony.
I ran errands the next Saturday(by myself) and came home to this

He is so darn cute.  No more than an inch in size.  We have him living in his own mucky water with his own rocks and muck built up on the sides.  We take him out to play every day and the kids love him.  He is faster than I thought they were.  On the other hand I was thinking, poor guy his whole world got rocked.  I am not a fan of taking animals from their original habitat and either is Dave so after a brief visit our friendly turtle will be going back home.  He is doing great and the kids enjoy him. 

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