Sunday, March 14, 2010

We are diving heard right.
Putting the house up for sale to help us with this adoption..

Enough goofing around. You're going to notice a little change in how I blog movng forward. A bit more "in your face" and "tell it like it is". A dear sweet friend of mine shared some insight with me and I realized I was doing a bit more whining and saying "poor me" about our problems which is OK and I need to get those problems off my chest, but sometimes it went on too long and came out wrong. We'll that's gonna end right now. No more crying about money, we need it but who doesn't right? We're going to get serious now to bring this child home. Dave and I have kicked around the idea of selling our house for some time. We built it out of a true "want" and although it is big and beautiful home, we don't need it we just want it. If we sell it for the price we need, we could use the money to fund our adoption and downsize to a smaller and more practical home for our family in the future. So today we're meeting with a realtor to formally put it up for sale. We're going to fast and pray to God that we sell our home for the price we need (not want!) and that we sell it fast. Please pray with us for the same.  
We are putting it all into God's hands!