Sunday, March 14, 2010

Walking on Water

The other day when I was walking I came over the bridge by the Sheboygan River near our house. The water captured my attention.  With the recent warm weather we've had, the river is right in between the melting stages of being free water and still frozen.  You could feel the crispness of the flowing water and yet there was still some ice underneath.  I stopped walking and thought about running across.  The water looked like I could just step on a chunk of ice really fast and keep going like a frog on a lillypad and I would definently make it to the other side. But what if I fell?  Someone would see me I am sure. I hope!  Maybe, just maybe because it looks really fun I will go for it. What a thrill it would be to try.  What a sight that would of been to see our Lord and Saviour do that but without the fear and hestiation I had.  
 (Jonah in California 2008)