Monday, March 15, 2010

Mud and Water

Mud and Water...The love of a child

I had a date with my 5 year old son Jonah the other day and it just happened to be raining and pretty dreary outside.  His choice was to go the park (right down the rode from us) and then go and have lunch somewhere.  We forgot the umbrella but we played happily in the mud and water with our boots on.  We were looking for frogs along the river bank and poking sticks in the ice along the water's edge, digging up the slush and muck and whipping it across the river.  What a simple joy to see how far you could throw a stick full of mud and how much you could get on the stick swishing it into the ground.  He was amazed  there was water on the top and ice still down below. 
After an hour of this my hands were freezing and we went to St. Vincent DePaul's to peek around for some much needed boots for him.  I cannot seem to get the smell of yucky wetness out of his old boots.  I have tried scrubbing them with all sorts of stuff and a boot dryer of a friends and nothing works.  You can smell him walking down the hall.  No luck on finding any boots so we went to lunch and had a burger and just hung out chatting like 2 old friends. Jonah is just a funny guy.  There was an elderly lady sitting by herself with a little bonnett on her head and Jonah just couldn't get his mind off of her.  He was very curious about why she was so alone eating lunch.  So when the music was playing in the restaurant he decided to get up and dance a little bit for her in between each bite.  She seemed to think he was oh so cute and he was having a blast. Even though it was cold and dreary outside  we had a wonderful morning together.  It's fun to find the joy in such small things.