Thursday, May 21, 2020

tough words

certain changes lately are not embraced...they are enforced.  
Kind of like muscles.  
Bringing it to the point of failure so it can grow.
Fibers break down and grow back stronger.
Work with God or against God
Will I partner with what GOD is doing even if it's not what I prefer?

resist it
push it or
grow with it

the enemy uses the heaviest artillery on the people who are carrying the greatest purpose.
if a lot has come against you 
that means God has put a lot in you
One of the things GOD is showing us through this season is that he's shutting down everything around us..(a lot of what was normal in our world)
Sometimes that's the only way to see what's in you...

Sometimes what is removed is just as important as what he allows to be brought into our lives.  
What is God teaching us to appreciate in this season?
People...we take for granted
Sometimes we appreciate things once they are gone

God is teaching us to appreciate some things we have obviously grown accustomed too.
He's  resetting the baseline..ouch
resetting the baseline
Praise him for a pulse, breath, another day, a hand to hold...
teaching us to release somethings
God is showing us how little control we had to begin with.
Read it again

God is showing us how little control we had to begin with.

What do I need to unlearn?
Addicted to knowledge?
Worldly things?
God changing your heart or you changing your habits?

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