Monday, October 8, 2018

We are home....

What an amazing trip.  God is good ...all the time!
I have always been a journaler so I will be going day by day on this blog as well so you all can see what we did.  We are planning our fundraising already for next year when we will go again at the end of July. So anybody who has rummage to donate throughout the year let me know and we will gladly pick it up.  Our rummage will be in May again with all proceeds going towards our trip!!  😃😃Jonah or Olivia will be joining us then too.  Super excited so we are channeling our energy that way!

We left Friday morning with all 26 suitcases in tow and stayed the night in Chicago.  

Left early Saturday morning, flew to Miami, and then to Port a Prince by the afternoon. 

All of our carry ons

Finally get to use our passports we had from Africa 8 years ago!

 Hayley(intern) was there to greet us along with a few others and the awesome crazy bus driver!
Thrilling and crazy bus ride for 2.5 hours to the village of Neply.  The bus broke down on the way.  Radiator over heated which is totally normal there.  We hung out in the heat and visited and watch them fix it.  

 Walking into the village..

You know you're in Neply by the painted trees..

Got situated with the other team in our bunks.  There was another team of 4 there from Atlanta Georgia.

Love the help pallets..

Men's dorm

This was our living room where we did everything.

2 security guards every night...even walking through the village we always felt safe.

Coffee at 7 every morning and breakfast at 8

Outside of my life speaks where we spent most of our hang time playing, loving, praying with the kiddos and the community.

refilling our water supply

unpacking our donated supplies.
Thank you all so much for being a part of this.

Our fruit, soda and lunch sellers out front...

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