Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Day 2 and 3

New friends

beautiful church

these little stars were trying to scare us on our walk

This is the gate to our facility where we stayed at night.  One of the many security guards.

The other gate into the court yard

This was my favorite little peanut I fell in love with on this trip.  I accidentally wanted to pop him in my suitcase.

Every time you sat I think someone was braiding your hair.   Such talent these little girls have!

My life Speaks school is getting started.

Kitchen staff was amazing.  She is working on coconuts here. Not only do they cook for the team but also for all the feeding programs they do daily.

mother's day out.  We got to hang out and play with the little stars while their mommas got some free time.  We were in tight quarters but it was so much fun!  So much cuteness, joy and love.

This was such a fun way to give the mommas a break and to love on the little stars.  

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